Creating, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base is not easy — especially since great resources on how to do this are hard to find. This page is a collection of the best articles, videos and presentations we've found on the topic.

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We come across a lot of great articles on creating, testing and maintaining large JavaScript applications. This page is a continuously updated list of articles that help explain the syntax of JavaScript, how to organize your projects, how to test your code, and what's on the horizon. Have fun!

  1. Understanding JavaScript: Syntax, style and gotchas
  2. Organizing your code: API design, patterns and frameworks
  3. Testing your application: Testable code, readable tests
  4. Tools of the trade: Workflow, developer tools and debugging
  5. Performance and Profiling: Fast and memory-efficient code
  6. Securing your app: Principles, access and validation
  7. Under the hood: Understanding the browser
  8. On the horizon: Stuff to keep an eye on
  9. The league of awesome: Other superheroic resources

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Other superheroes

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  4. JavaScript Jabber


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